Even as a child, Pedro Muñoz, designer and founder of Stallion Boots, was aware of his love and calling for unusual design elements. Pedro was five years old when, in the company of his grandfather, he discovered a pair of brown cowboy boots for himself, decorated with prints of a kicking horse, in a shop near Zaragoza. His grandfather made sure the boots are a good fit – and Pedro became the proud owner of his first pair of cowboy boots. ‘Ever since, those boots were the only shoes I would wear’, says Pedro. Since 1980, his beautifully crafted Stallion Boots have been a galloping success in the world’s international fashion centres. Popular with men and women alike, stars like Madonna, Jane Fonda and Shakira have long discovered these cult boots for themselves. Nowadays, Pedro Muñoz also creates collections for renowned designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren and John Galliano.