Over the course of the 20th century the Seafarer bell-bottom became an iconic American garment. Through a remarkable twist of fate, proving that fact is often stranger than fiction, Seafarer pants were rescued from second-hand Army and Navy stores brought to life by the youth of 1960’s. A very different but infectious style, Seafarer bell-bottoms were soon being worn by such as Brigitte Bardot, Ursula Andress, Raquel Welch, Jacqueline Bisset, Farah Fawcett. The Seafarer bell-bottom had arrived.


In a blink of an eye, necessity became pleasure, practicality became style and the new and old worlds embraced to create something genuinely original. The style created by Seafarer united men and women by weaving comfort with sexuality and severity with fashion. They had (have) a perfect cut; unforced, flawless, capable of expressing an entire philosophy. Representing the smile of the sailor who kissing his girlfriend upon returning home. Or the bliss of Jane Birkin on a French afternoon, Seafarer represents a style which would become the signature of casual chic.